Al-lotfiyya, poem by the Shaykh Ahmad al-‘Alāwī
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Écrit par Ahmad al-Alawî   
Lundi, 12 Septembre 2016 14:16

This poem by the Algerian Shaykh Ahmad al-‘Alāwī

Oh Lord, by your kindness, O my hope
be kind to us, and grant us deliverance
We ask You, O Lord, by the Qur’an
and what is in it, and by the seven oft-recited (the Fatihah)
And by him who brought it, and who shared it
and exalted its verses/signs and its love
And led us to our love of the Qur’an
and made it sweeter to us than all else


You revealed it and ordered its compilation
preserve it, O Master, as you have said
For some others have tried to eliminate/leave it
will you allow this, O Lord? by its act
You will never be pleased to allow us to leave the Qur’an
because it is Religion with Faith
And its worth for us surpasses
all existence and all that is contained therein
For the Qur’an is the essence of reality
and the sacred law and the firm handhold
You know our love of the Qur’an
and how it dwells in our hearts and on our tongues
It is intermingled with our blood and our flesh
and our veins and bones and all that is in us
O Lord, by its right, do not afflict us
in our religion, O Lord, do not try us
O Lord, make your religion for us a joy
for one knocking at your door, full of hope
Or the stranger, O Lord, far from his family
who is suffering from separation from his loved ones
Save him o Lord, before his death
and prolong his life for us
Make our homes homes of safety
and preserve us from every deception and distress
And help us, O Lord, by your Spirit
and allow us, O our Lord, to fulfill your command
And have mercy on us, great and small
and safeguard those whom you see are bewildered
And make right for us our worldly and spiritual affairs
and remove the pain of afflictions and poverty
And forgive, O Lord, one who supplicates with our supplication
and be for us and for all our intimates
Raise us to the witnessing of beauty
and from it to the secrets of perfection
And bless, O Lord, with a blessing worthy
of the Chosen One, and upon his family
And his companions, and the Helpers and Those who followed
then all praise to God, Lord of the Worlds



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