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Shaykh al-Alawî - Intimate Supplication - Blessing of Crown
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Écrit par Ahmad al-Alawî   
Samedi, 29 Décembre 2012 14:28
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Shaykh al-Alawî - Intimate Supplication
Foreword by Muhammad Suheyl Umar
A word from the translator Abdul-Majid Bhurgri
The Shaykh Ahmad Ben Mustafa al-Alawî by Abdul-Majid Bhurgri
Blessing of Crown
Intimate Supplication
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Blessing of Crown


O my Allah

Bless our noble lord

And master Muhammad

Possessor is he of:

The crown celestial,

The ascension ethereal,

The steed supernal,

And the Standard of

Truth and discernment eternal.


Dispeller is he of:

Tribulations inescapable,

Plagues incurable,

Famines horrible,

Ailments unbearable,

And tragedies terrible.


Whose name—

Scribed eternally,

Elevated incomparably,

Interceding unfailingly—

Is Etched indelibly

On the Tablet heavenly.

Lord is he alike of

The Arab and

The non-Arab.


His earthly form—

Sacred and Fragrant,

Pure and Radiant—

Adorns the House

And the Sanctuary.


Like the bright Sun at midday,

And like the full Moon at midnight,

Established at the heights of zenith,

Our Guiding Light,

Haven for the hapless,

He is the lamp dispelling the darkness.


Adorned with qualities most beautiful,

Intercessor is he for all people.

Possessor of majesty is he,

And also of generosity bountiful.


And Allah is his Protector,

Gabriele his valet,

The steed supernal, his ride,

The ascension sublime his journey,

Loftiest height his station,

Intimacy with Truth his desire,

His desire his Objective,

And one with his Objective, he already is.


Leader of the messengers from heaven,

Seal of the prophets,

Intercessor for the sinners,

Friend of the poor,

Mercy for worlds,

Bliss for the lovers,

Goal of the aspirants,

Sun among the Gnostics,

Beaconing light for the seekers of Truth,

Illuminating lamp for the ones up and close,

Beloved of the poor, of the needy,

And of the downtrodden too, Is he.


Master of worlds: the seen and the unseen,

Prophet of the two Sanctuaries,

Leader of the two directions of prayer,

Means of felicity is he in both abodes:

Here and the Hereafter.


Possessor of proximity to the Truth,

Beloved of the Lord of the east’s and the west’s,

Grandfather of Hassan and Hussain,

Our liege lord is he,

And also the lord of all beings:

Seen and unseen.


Father of Qasim,

Muhammad, the son of Abdullah,

Is verily Light from the Light of Allah.


O ye, who are eager to behold

His radiant beauty eternal,

Send blessings on him galore,

And also on his family,

And on his companions;

And say the greetings of peace

Unto them all.



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