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Shaykh al-Alawî - A kind word in response to those who reject sufism - GLOSSARY OF ARABIC TERMS
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Mercredi, 14 Septembre 1921 13:40
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Shaykh al-Alawî - A kind word in response to those who reject sufism
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  • adhkār (pl.) Dhikr (sing.) remembrance and invocation of the name of Allāh. Every action or utterance made for the sake of Allāh can be regarded as dhikr.
  • ahkām Sacred Principles and Laws of Islamic legislation
  • Ahl al-Sunnah Followers of the example of the Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him)
  • `ajzā’ A portion of the Divine Book revealed to Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him)
  • al-`ibādah Worship and devotion to Allāh
  • al-ishāra Allegory
  • al-karāhah Offensive
  • al-nadab Desired
  • al-wujūb Obligatory
  • `ārif Knower of Allāh. Lives in the Divine Presence
  • `ayān Witnessing
  • bid`ah Innovation.
  • burhān Evidence
  • dalīl Proof
  • dhākirun (pl.) Dhākir (sing.). Those who remember and invoke Allāh much.
  • dhikr see adhkar (pl.) above
  • dhikrullāh Frequent remembrance and invocation of Allāh.
  • Din The religion of submission to Allāh.It implies a return to man’s inherent nature.
  • diwan A collection of spiritual poems
  • `Id Festival, celebration
  • fard Compulsory, obligatory
  • fard kifāyah A duty which is imposed on the whole Muslim community.
  • If this duty is discharged by some, the rest are exonerated.
  • If not, the whole community bears responsibility and blame, e.g. protecting the community.
  • fatāwa (pl.) fatwa (singular). Legal opinion or judgement of jurists andreligious scholars.
  • Fuqahā’ Muslim jurists
  • hadith (sing.) Ahadith (pl). Documented traditions of the teachings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him), recorded by his Companions and Family.
  • hadrah Sacred dance of the Sufis
  • harām Unlawful
  • hajj Sacred pilgrimage to Mecca
  • haqiqah The enduring essence of religion which transcends time. Divine Truth is unchanging. This esoteric knowledge is also called Sufism.
  • Ibādah Worship, prayer and devotion to Allāh.
  • ihsān One of the three stations of Islam. A striving for excellence and perfection of faith which is rooted in a constant awareness of Allāh. When asked about ihsan the Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him) said, ‘…that you worship Allāh as if you see Him for if you do not see Him, He surely sees you.’
  • ijma` The consensus of the Muslim community which gives legitimacy to legal decisions.
  • ijtihad The striving and effort of scholars to arrive at a judgement
  • The “independent” reasoning and research used to apply Islamic legislation to contemporary conditions. During the fourteenth century the “gates of ijtihad” were declared closed and scholars were expected to rely on the legal decisions of past authorities instead of using their own insights.
  • ilhām Inspiration
  • imān Faith based on knowledge. Firm belief and trust in Allāh.
  • ishara isharāt (pl.). Allusion, allegory
  • Islam Religion of submission to the oneness of Allāh. Monotheism.
  • istinbāt Derivations, deductions.
  • Jibril The Archangel Gabriel
  • Jamā`ah A group
  • Ka`bah A cube-shaped structure in Mecca. The first house of worship for mankind.
  • kashf Raising a curtain or veil-unveiling. Essential knowledge. Direct intuition
  • Khalaf The later followers.
  • Khalifah The Rightly-Guided Companions and Successors of the Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace on them all).
  • Lā ilāha illallāh There is no deity except Allāh, no reality except The Reality
  • ma’rifah Knowledge which brings one closer to Allāh
  • madhāhib (pl.) Madh-hab (sing.).In fiqh it refers to schools of thought, which one follows as far as Islamic legislation is concerned.
  • Marwa A hill in Mecca which forms part of a sacred rite in the pilgrimage. Brisk walking/running from Safa, another hill to Marwa is a historical re-enactment of Hajar’s search for water for the baby Ismail. She was the wife of Prophet Abraham (on whom be peace).
  • mu’adh-dhin Those who announce and call the congregation to prayer.
  • muhaddith A transmitter of Prophetic traditions.
  • mujtahid (s) Mujtahidun (pl).One who exerts himself,strives and makes an effort . A religious scholar who does research.
  • munkar Evil. The wrong action.
  • muqaddam Represents the murshid /spiritual guide
  • murāqabah Fear of Allāh. Watchfulness and vigilance
  • murid Disciple of a spiritual guide and a member of a spiritual order
  • Murshid A spiritual guide in a Sufi order.
  • nafs The soul which is different from the Spirit (ruh) or Intellect (aql)
  • qasidah An ode
  • qirā’ah Reading
  • Qur’an : The Divine Book revealed to Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him).
  • qutub In Sufism it is the Pole of a spiritual hierarchy.
  • rububiyyah Lordship
  • Safa see Marwa above.
  • salaf Predecessors
  • salaf al-sālihPious predecessors
  • sahih An authentic tradition of the Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him), compiled by Imām Bukhari and Imām Muslim (may Allah be pleased with both of them).
  • samā` Audition. Hearing. Sessions of spiritual music.
  • sanad Reliable chain of transmitters
  • shadātayn The witnessing or declaration of faith that there is no deity but Allāh and Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him) is His final Messenger.
  • Shari `ah Sacred revealed law. Each Messenger brought new laws according to the epoch and people they were sent to.Shari`ah (exoterism) varies but haqiqah (esoterism / Divine Truth) prevails and transcends time.
  • Sunnah Sacred practices established through the example of the Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him), and the deeds of others which he condoned. It was documented by his Family and Companions and integrated into Islamic Law.
  • tābi’un Followers of the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace be on them all).
  • tafsir Exegis. The explanation and analysis of verses of the Quran and a study of the historical context of the Revelation (sabab al-nuzul. Levels of interpretation of verses.
  • talqin To instruct, inculcate, to inspire or teach. Spiritual initiation.
  • tariqah A spiritual order. A road, a path, a way to draw closer to Allah.
  • tartil Slow recitation
  • tawaf Circumambulation around the House of Allāh - the Ka’ba in Makkah
  • tawhid The Divine unity of Allāh. Muslims strive to integrate their personal and social lives their priorities and institutions to reflect this Oneness and the and the sovereignty of Allāh.
  • `ubudiyyah Slavehood
  • wajl A state resulting from the extreme consciousness of Allāh, Where the subject is fearfully wary of the Divine Presence.
  • Waliyy Saint. Friend of Allāh
  • Zabur Psalms of Prophet Dawud. (may Allah be pleased with him).
  • Zakāh Purity. The term used for a fived tax proportionate to capital and income which is paid by Muslims to aid the poor. It is also used to support religious and social institutions.
  • Zāwiyah Meeting place for Sufi gatherings and circles of Remembrance.



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