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Al-lotfiyya, poem by the Shaykh Ahmad al-‘Alāwī
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Écrit par Ahmad al-Alawî   
Lundi, 12 Septembre 2016 14:16

This poem by the Algerian Shaykh Ahmad al-‘Alāwī

Oh Lord, by your kindness, O my hope
be kind to us, and grant us deliverance
We ask You, O Lord, by the Qur’an
and what is in it, and by the seven oft-recited (the Fatihah)
And by him who brought it, and who shared it
and exalted its verses/signs and its love
And led us to our love of the Qur’an
and made it sweeter to us than all else

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Algerian sufism in the colonial period
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Écrit par Omar Benaïssa   
Mercredi, 18 Novembre 2015 20:19

This chapter will explore some of the principal themes of Sufism in the colonial period, both from the point of view of the colonized and the colonizers. The most important point that needs to be stressed at the outset is that, however much the Sufis have been characterized as superstitious `marabouts` - by both orientalists and modernizing Muslims alike – it was largely thanks to the influence of Sufism that a basic piety and spirituality were sustained throughout the colonial period. Furthermore, if it be remembered that colonialism was, essentially, an assault on the traditional Islamic way of life and accompanying modes of thought, then one can conceive of no strategy of `resistance` more effective and fundamental than that pursued by the Sufis. Paradoxically, it was those whose concern was in essence `otherworldly` that proved the most successful in concretely thwarting the colonial designs of the French, thus proving the efficacy that flows from the practice of the Sufi ideal: `Be in the world, but not of it.`

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The Contemporary Sufi Heritage of Shaykh Ahmad Ibn Mustafa al-‘Alawī : The Seven Spiritual Stages of the Sufi Path
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Écrit par Omneya Nabil Muhammad Ayad   
Jeudi, 22 Mai 2014 00:00

Chapter 1 : Introduction

This thesis is dedicated to examining and analyzing one of the Sufi works of Shaykh Ahmed b. Mustafa al-‘Alawī (1869-1934) who was born in Mustaghānim in Algeria and is considered to be one of the contemporary Sufi revivalists of the Twentieth century. The testimonies that were attested by many Western and Eastern intellectuals confirm the essentiality and the profound effect of his writings that were spread not only throughout North Africa but also found its way to Europe and took Paris and Marseille as centers for spiritual teachings. Shaykh al-‘Alawī wrote and published between 1910 and 1930 more than ten works and several of them found their way to a second edition. The publication houses varied in location between Algiers, Tunis, Cairo, Damascus and Mustaghānim.

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Shaykh al-Alawî - Intimate Supplication
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Écrit par Ahmad al-Alawî   
Samedi, 29 Décembre 2012 14:28

The unusual and absorbing texts of supplications (munajat), selected and translated from the Arabic in this volume, come from the pen of “A Sufi Saint of the Twentieth Century”, Shaykh Ahmad al-‘Alawi whose sanctity recalled the golden age of medieval mystics. It is a valuable document not only for students of Islam but for all who are attracted to spiritual matters and may serve as a key to a deeper understanding of Islam as a whole and of Muslim piety and spiritual life in particular.


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Shaikh al-Alawi, by Richard Lang
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Écrit par Richard Lang   
Samedi, 29 Décembre 2012 14:01

You are like a mirage in the desert, which the thirsty man thinks is water; but when he comes up to it he finds it is nothing. And where he thought it was, there he finds God. Similarly, if you were to examine yourself, you would find it to be nothing, and instead you would find God. That is to say, you would find God instead of yourself, and there would be nothing left of you but a name without a form.

Be turned unto God, welcoming all that cometh unto thee from him.

Al-Alawi (1869-1934)

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Tariqa Alawiyya (Alawi order)
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Écrit par Derwish al-Alawi   
Samedi, 29 Décembre 2012 11:57


It was called after it’s founder-the great Soufi Master- Sidi Aboul Abbas Ahmed Ibn Mostafa Al Alawi, Known as Ibn Olaywa. It is a branch from the continuous chain of masters, back to the Prophet MOUHAMMED (Allah bless him and give him peace). So, it is connected with the Darqawi-Shadili- chain (Silsila). But it happened as it was the habit of Sufis to call the tariqa after the name of it’s luminous righteous Masters.

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Notes on the Shaikh al-‘Alawi, by Michel Vâlsan
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Écrit par Michel Vâlsan   
Mercredi, 29 Décembre 1971 13:55


MARTIN LINGS'S work, recently published in a French translation, Un Saint Musulman du Vingtième Siècle: Le Cheikh al-‘Alawī,[2] was reviewed in this journal[3] when the first edition of the original English was published. We take advantage of its publication in French to draw attention, with regard to what it gives by way of biographical information, to a particular point which, when corroborated by other documentary elements and clarified by certain doctrinal notions of Tasawwuf, may bring out a hitherto unnoticed aspect of this spiritual master of our time and of his function.

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The Life of Ahmad al-Alawi, by Martin Lings
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Écrit par Martin Lings   
Mardi, 29 Décembre 1959 11:48

The Shaikh Al'Alawi is almost entirely unknown outside the precincts of Islamic mysticism. It is true that between 1910 and 1930 he published more than ten works, several of which went to a second edition, the places of publication varying between Algiers, Tunis, Cairo, Damascus, and Mostaganem where he lived; but these have eluded the academic world to an extent that is quite abnormal, including even those specialists who, like Brockelmann, make a point of registering every Arabic book or treatise that is known to exist. Moreover there is no copy of any of the Shaikh's writings in the Bibliothèque Nationale and until very recently there was none in the British Museum, which still has not succeeded in obtaining either his major work or his collected poems, two of the main sources of quotation throughout this book.

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Shaikh al-Alawi, Memories of Dr. Marcel Carret
English - Articles written
Écrit par Marcel Carret   
Dimanche, 03 Mai 1942 12:11


The narrative which follows is by Dr Marcel Carret. It speaks for itself and needs no introduction; and having read it, the reader will no doubt understand why I have chosen to begin with it rather than with anything else, although at its outset the Shaikh is already fifty years old.

I met the Shaikh AlAlawi for the first time in the spring of 1920. It was not a chance meeting, for I had been called in to him in my capacity as doctor. It was then only a few months since I had started a practice at Mostaganem.

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